Monday, March 10, 2008

Is it Turkey Day????

Look at all these Turkeys. I love the way this picture was taken. Look at that fan and that beard.

This picture quality was not that good but an awesome picture. Jamie and Joshua got a kick out of all these turkeys.

These will not be around too long. Jamie and Joshua had turkey fever and now a couple of these are in my freezer. They didn't make it until Thanksgiving Day. Anyways, have a good Monday, what is left of it.

I will be mailing out a special gift for one of my blog friends. Look out for it in your mailbox. I had a soldering class yesterday and it went very well. My customers were awesome. They did a great job. One of my blogging friends will be getting something that I made in my class. I hope this person likes it. Once I send it and that person gets it I will put a picture of it on my blog. I have class on Sunday. My flower power class. It should be fun. Can't wait. I will be doing a shadow box with a mini album in it. I will post a picture when I get it done. I am also making something to teach for a Father's Day class. I am getting ready for our trip to Nashville for the Scrap Etc '08 event. I am hoping to get to go to CHA in July. We will see. I am also working on taking a trip to New Jersey in early August for classes. I will update you soon.

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Paula said...

I cannot wait to see your latest creation, somehow I know that it will be great!!!!!!!!!!