Friday, August 31, 2007

And the real winner is...

And the winner is Suzanne Snead. Congrats!!!

Here are your real contestants. Tinka, Maria, Suzanne,Jeanne, Lulu, and Anita.

Queen of the crop.....NOT

The queen of the crop. Ya right. This is me playing around before we had the girls walk the crop room and pick a winner at crop night one evening.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good mail day today. Look at all the goodies that I received from Teresa Collins. Thank you girl. Love it all.

Here is my scrap room finally. It is not finished but at least I could put stuff in it. We still need to put some more cabinets in it and some sort of island in the middle of the room. As you walk from my bedroom this is what you see off to the right with cabinets on either side of the mantle.
This next picture is a view to the left of the room. The three pictures on the wall are of all of us that work at Scrapbook 911 with Teresa Collins when she came to the store and taught back in January. This picture is my closet. I didn't open the doors because I didn't want you to see all the junk I have until I sort it out. Do you see the picture on the left of the door. That is Tim and Mario with all of the crew (including me) that work at the store (Scrapbook 911) Do you see the two pictures to the right of the closet. That is me with Tim Holtz when he was at the store and then me with Elsie at CHA in Chicago this summer. The last picture is from the back door looking into the room. Sorry the pictures are so dark.

So how do you like the vintage look that I'm trying to go for?? I need to get busy working on somemore things to put in here that are vintage.
Here are the kiddos on the first day of school. Jamie is now in the 4th grade. How time flies. Janelle is now in High School. Can't believe I have a high schooler. She is liking it so far. Loves A days better than B days. Janelle has some hard classes this year and is a big change from Middle School.

My little Joshua. He was very excited about going in 1st grade. It doesn't look like it here. He was posing for the camera. He is loving school. He came home today saying that only one more day and he can get his self manager badge. The self manager badge is for good conduct. This is a big thing for him because in Kinder he never received his self manager. Hopefully he is growing up a little.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Trying to set this up

I am computer illiterate. I am having a hard time doing this. Hopefully it will get easier. Help.